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Tiny Acts of Bravery Podcast by Clover Stroud
Tiny Acts of Bravery Podcast by Clover Stroud

What does being brave really mean? What can we learn from other people’s acts of bravery?


In this series, Sunday Times bestselling author, Clover Stroud, shares moving conversations about the tiny acts of bravery that make up our everyday lives. When Clover was 16, she was sent on a journey to look for brave people to guide her after her mum had an accident that left her chronically brain-damaged.

Clover is now continuing that search with Tiny Acts of Bravery. Each episode features a guest sharing times when they have had to be brave, to teach us how to face our own challenges to live brighter, bolder, more courageous lives.  Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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