My Work as a Journalist


I write lifestyle features for The Saturday and Sunday Telegraph, The Saturday and Sunday Times and The Daily Mail, as well as numerous magazines such as The Spectator, Red and Elle. I cover anything that interests me, and have written on everything from the role of women in the armed forces to how stuntwomen make a living to what it feels like to be 21 today to why cowboys are her weakness and why kids are getting into fashion younger than ever today.

Read my articles on why storytelling is important for childrenwhy pilates might just be a good way to lose weight to the fun children can have at pony club and why giving up drinking can be such a challenge.

I have written about why I love giving birth and why I’ve got married for a second time . I’ve written about what it’s really like to have five children and why I’m not ashamed of using porn. I met Instagram’s latest fitness crush. I also love doing bigger, investigative pieces on issues such as the reason women join cults to the lives of women within the gypsy and traveller community. I’ve also defended gypsies published in The Spectator.

I’m often asked to interview celebrities and other figures in public life. Read my interview with Robbie Williams, the time I met Taylor Swift in LA, what Jess Glynne told me about her throat surgery and what Kylie thinks about middle age.

I love adventure, and have done a lot of travel writing. Read about the fascinating whaling history on the island of Nantucket, and my trip to Bhutan where I met a monk starting his three years, three months and three days of silent meditation. There’s also my trip to Cambodia to read.

My children are no strangers to the inside of a tent. Read about their adventures in a camper van, as well as their road trip through Pembrokeshire. I’ve also listed my recommendations for some of the best family campsites in England and best coastal campsites. I love Edinburgh, but have always been drawn to the wilder spots of the world, too, like Baku, where I was sent for the opening of the worlds most opulent nightclub. I’ve had three columns in The Sunday Telegraph travel section, and you can buy my book on camping with children, Cool Camping Kids.